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Dear Marcin Jakubowski, The purpose of this letter is to inquire whether I can drop by Factor e Farm for a tour and interview. My intentions are to fill a niche that proves successful for all. I am interested in sharing my knowledge and curiosities in compressed earthen blocks; gaining experience all the while. I challenge conventional solutions and implement change accordingly. Coincidentally, these appear to be some of your qualities as well. My interest in the GVCS is to increasingly conceptualize broader scale and long term construction goals. I believe that we can grow the demand for CEBs and surpass expectations in providing the people and tools to meet the demand. I am a leader at heart -- a leader that earns respect, not one who feels entitled to it. If my understanding is correct, many developments have occurred rather quickly. I would like to assist in the development of short and long term strategies that promote sustainable growth with Factor e Farm. I possess a working knowledge of many tools, machinery and operations that may comprise a multi-faceted farm. My diverse occupational background has taught me many life lessons including attention to detail and humility. Had my professional career offered me so much more, I may not have dared to venture down a path as exciting as this. While conducting research into compressed earthen block construction, I found your Kickstarter fundraising for the GVCS. I have questions about radical rafter and lintel design concepts; I am curious about producing structural insulated panels from common field or industry byproduct -- something we can achieve with collective mind power thanks to open source ecology. Just as the breath connects the body to the mind, I would like to join a group connecting mankind to the natural world. Our paradigm shift opportunities may give great rise to all walks of life seeking clean, comfortable dwellings. Give a man a house, shelter him for a while. Teach a man to build, empower him for life. -- modified Chinese proverb Some of my goals include limited-space storage solutions, outdoor biomass boilers, broadening the tile and block product line, independent structural testing to ultimately receive code approval, and learning newer and greater goals to set. Please contact me to arrange an interview. I am currently visiting my family in Brookfield, Missouri. Thank you for your time, Ben Schrader