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Benjamin Kaplin <>


Peripherally, through John Robb's Global Guerilla's blog. He wrote a book on the topic of post-state actors in a world where the only legit actors are either states or parties operating with the state's consent and then explores the tactics available to and used in successful struggles against states that focuses on new tactics, rather than historical guerilla tactics. He began work on a book called "Resilient Communities" recently, work I've been following avidly. In the comments to an entry (I can't remember the specifics) I found a link to your CEB machine. From there I explored the tech tree, the wiki, watched a few "Live" shows and decided I want to volunteer and work with you.

I'd be honored to work on the CEB machine, providing labor and learning more about designing for disassembly and developing a working knowledge of hydraulics. I'd also love to work on improving and domesticating the Babson Burner.

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 8:09 PM, Marcin Jakubowski <> wrote:

   Hi Benjamin,
   Our present needs are people that stay at least for 1 week of time, on
   a per-project basis.
   Our main effort at present is bringing an open source, high
   performance CEB press to market - as part of our Global Village
   Construction Set.
   Please study our weblog to get an idea of what we're doing. After you
   do that, please let me know what project you would like to pursue. We
   treat our place as a collaboratory - where people like you can develop
   real projects.
   Where did you hear about us?

My schedule's pretty free. I'm currently on a leave of absence from school, and spending most of my time writing transfer applications and essays. February works for me in the sense that I'll probably have all the paperwork done at that point. My schedule, frankly, is pretty flexible (barring transfer apps).