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Wed Jun 17, 2020

Colleague in Hamburg finished Assembly of D3D Universal with Dual-Z-Axis

Thu Apr 30, 2020

Starting MIT's online course for manufacturing with Holger: [[ ]]

Fri Feb 07, 2020

Documentation KDenlive experience:

KDenlive's user interface is not intuitive. After watching some youtube-tutorials, I managed to overcome threshold and make the Fab-City Hamburg Image-video (see title-video of fab city hamburg's facebook page and like the page :).
For creating the video, I put together three existing elements: 2 videos downloaded with chromium from webpages (first, fab city global's image-video --> see url:; second, hamburg innovation summit image-video --> see webpage of hamburg innovation summit + fab city hamburg's logo as a png file). How I did in 4 steps:

1. To insert the existing elements to KDenlive, you need to look for "add clip" in KDenlive (location depends on your KDenlive-version). For each of the three elements I used a separate track (for explanation, see floss manual on introduction to multiple track editing).

2. Then, you need to drag the clips, that have just been added, into three different tracks. So in my case, the bottom (first) track has video 1, the middle (second) track has video 2 and the upper (third) track has just the png file.

3. Having that done, by default the different tracks would probably be displayed at the same time. Therefore, one needs to shift and maybe cut the different clips so that they are displayed in the preferred order (for explanation of cutting and shifting tracks/clips see youtube tutorial).

4. Finally, you need to render your video. "Rendering" is KDenlive's terminology for exporting/saving videos into different formats (tutorial on rendering in KDenlive).

Sun Feb 02, 2020

Preparing OSE Meeting in Hamburg: analyse needs, define goals, match resources

Sat Feb 01, 2020

Learning to use the Log. Learning to create PCB. Improving Free Cad skills.
Replacing PLA holder of d3d-universal with upgrade Holger created. Duration of print of one Universal Axis Idler Side short version: around 20 minutes with big nozzle.
Started building second Z-Axis