Benjamin Koo

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  • Born in Taiwan
  • Associate Professor at Tsinghua University
  • In general everyone is rather selfish, not local university
  • Founder of
  • China is fully colonized by multinationals
  • No intention of operating sustainably. Locals just want to steal from Gummit.
  • No competition for real business
  • Xixihar - university does contract education of farmers
  • President of University - wants to build local hacker community. A hacker-based curriculum across all disciplines on campus.
  • Founder of Extreme Learning Program at Tsinghua university.
  • Mitch Altman proposed a Hacker in Residence Program. Also involve local tech schools which have extreme fabrication facilities. Government entities. Have unlimited budgets. Students pay tuition.
  • Tsinghua University is the youngest, but politically powerful like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton combined.
  • Tsinghua is the best university in China in terms of volume and engineering capacity - about 10-20 bigger than any other Chinese university.
  • Want to create a meaningful opportunity for China.
  • Biggest problem in china has been farmer's revolution. Such as Chairman Mao.