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TOPIC - Berea and OSE

  • TAD is main program to work with. Ag and natural resources program has a 500 acre farm. Active and growing, organic, pasture-based, compost food service waste, building processing facilities. Greenhouses, hoophouses, bees.
  • Dr. Jan Pearce, Head of Computer Science, and Chair of Division II. Computer Scientist. Chair of Community Sust Lab.
  • Matt Jadud, Technology and Applied Design. CS, self-taught. Parallel safe Berea, CS + electronics curriculum. Open hardware controls perspective. First course - simple circuits. Tech + CS majors. Breadth of appeal - ag majors, what do they do?
  • Mark Mahoney, Technology and Applied Design. Alt energy + sustainability.
  • Paul McPherson, Technology and Applied Design. CAD + Wind Power
  • Richard Olson, Sustainability and Environmental Studies and Head of Community Sustainability Laboratory. Head of Community Sustainability Lab - college + community problems - deals with problems and proposes possibilities.

Speaking Event

  • Introductory energy and power course. Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic systems. Advanced course: indepenedent study course. EVs, propane-powered lawnmower, pneumatic. Tech program is in 3 foci - artisan, engineering, and technology and industrial management.
  • Small liberal arts college - Berea - means that you can't afford college to apply. Full tuition. 10 hours per week work. One of 8 work colleges in the USA.
  • Includes a farm .
  • - TAD 265 - digital + home electricity.

Entrepreneurship for the Public Good


Communications Lab, Communications, Bluescreen Video for TV, Multimedia

Video +

Available Facilities

  • 60000 sf building, wood shop; Dimensional 3D printer; etching; PCB mill, Versafree 12x18 40W, 4x4 cnc router, full computer lab
  • AutoCAD
  • Advanced class - has advanced component design, molds, simple to complex assemblies, animations
  • Machine shop, casting lab (al + brass); full metals/materials lab CNC mill, lathe, edm, shears, rollers, welders - 2 migs, 2 tig, 2 stick, bandsaw, drills, plasma
  • Materials testing - shear strength

Hay Rake

  • Advanced power class - independent project. Mark, Paul, Richard.


  • Design Documentation Class - Paul teaches that. Advanced CAD in spring.
  • Mark teaches power course + electronics +
  • Brought up LifeTrac Construction Set.
  • Store-bought parts to make it custom.
  • 3D printer, intro cad, laser cutter,
  • "Our table is filled with crazy people." Number one goal is students to have a great learning experience. It has to be learning, not pressure to do a real machine. But, if we structure the process correctly, it could build a hackable set for construction. We can promise engagement, not miracles.