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Third Party Websites
IRC - Make Projects - Bettermeans - PivotalTracker

Bettermeans is an online project management system. Currently in beta, it is available for non-profit use free of charge. It is based on an "Open Enterprise" model which is a decentralized meritocratic community-based process for managing projects [1] unlike other tools which are based on a command and control environment. It provides task tracking, participation tracking, forums for discussion, document storage, and project news. All information can be easily exported into a variety of formats including csv.

How to Participate on a Bettermeans Project

To get started, all you have to do is go to the workstream for the project you want to contribute to and login with your Google or other OpenID credential (just like this wiki). You will be able to see open and completed items, add items to the queue, start working on items, and providing input via the voting mechanism. See for more information on membership/contributor levels and how they affect the decision making process.

Overview/How to Use

See for detailed information. The following video explains key concepts and workflows:

Use of Bettermeans in OSE

The following projects use Bettermeans for coordination:

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