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Bill Mora - North Carolina - scalable biz model. Flood and drain. Scale up. Science. Bevan - Aquaponics Guidebook. Industrial design 58 years old. Sunfish Greenhouse - 8 systems, btu, flow thu, envelope, Aquaponics, greenhouse and environment is the big deal, lighting, fish tanks, sections, or flow through. Each could be high tech or low tech. Hoop house or advanced greenhouse. Leanto. In the ghetto - now need security. In the country, they don't read wired, but know how to grow. How do I help them, how do they help me. Kate is good on - open source? Kate collab with Bevan - they don't have industrially engineering. Husband is an engineer. They have small system of Murray Hallam. Kate is tenacious and can rally. She is professional and can bring the professionalism. Murray Hallam is godfather of hobby Aquaponics. Not scalable. How can I help them make money.

Sunfish prototype. - running for a month now. Send production plan, business plan. Send 3 docs. Email the recipe for best fish food. Sustainable fish feed for developing nations.

Marketing aspect f Feed mill - get a reference on that. IPM - yes. Considering - all crops.

Fish food is external. Feed mill would be needed. Car gill and purine. Protein, et

April Greenhouse Grower issue has Bevan's work. $400k, Brogue Hydroponics adopted the Aquaponics - they are THE local producer. Bob Kilgore. Idea people with local food. Tons in Portland. Industry - horticulture with aquaculture. He invented Aquaponics - new Alchemy blew it out into the hippy world. 70s - the historical perspective. McMurtry heard about it - jumped on it with singleminded tenacity. He was architecture, within a year became a scientist and led a science team. He had 25 people working with him.