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Hi Marcin, how are you doing?

I found out about OSE a couple of months ago and I really like what you guys are doing!

I have some copywriting samples (attached as a Google Doc) so you can see that I'm quite interested in housing and accommodation.

These samples are for direct response, so they might not translate 1:1 towards documentation

But, what I can help with is to make the document more readable, using simpler words and explanations.

In this way, the more people understand the instruction manual, the more it can potentially help these projects take off within the community!

I'd also like to preface:

I'm not here to hijack the document with my own style even if it could potentially be easier to understand.

So I'd like to ask:

Do you any pieces you can show me that reflect the ideal style you'd like to use to keep the Book Sprint Doc as cohesive as possible?

That'd give me a good idea of how I can fit with the team's goal.

If there is anything I need to review to prepare the Book Sprint on August 20th - 22nd. please feel free to let me know.

Real Estate Emails - Marcin