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Might be worth checking if this is a good choice. I think it is fairly resource greedy on the server and, late last summer, remember reports of servers crashing when they got a lot of people on them ( maybe 20+ ? - I can't remember ) With the right server guess it would probaby all be great - maybe try to talk to somebody whos been heavily involved in the development see what they think.

Unless I'm mistaken it looks to me like Jitsi Online conferencing will do a similar job without needing a server??

Installation Instructions for Ubuntu 10.04

Follow this

To accept agreements within terminal, press tab + enter.

Open ports with the command:

sudo ufw allow NUMBER

Open ports 80 (HTTP), 9123 (Desktop Sharing), 1935 (RTMP).

In terminal, type ifconfig to display the LAN server's IP address.

WRT54GL Wireless Router Changes

Connect the router to your computer with an ethernet cable.

Open an internet browser and go to:

Id is root and password is admin

Setting an External Route to Your BBB Conference

  • Set up an external route to your BBB server, this will involve DNS, for

example a DNS record like, which points to your external IP address (This needs ideally to be static). Then set your firewall to port forward all traffic for to your BBB server, chat with tech at your ISP if you need help with the above

  • Next you need to configure BBB to respond to connections at the domain This is easy open a command prompt as root and type

bbb-conf --set-ip

That should sort it out, then tell folks to point their browser to

BigBlueButton Configuration

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Setting up a Landing Page

For setting up a landing page for people to login, see also

Setting up New Conferences

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