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Bill Bode <>


Hi, this is Bill Bode, Samaipata Bolivia. I've been following your project for a while and I'd like to help you with getting a 3rd world assesment. Maybe even get into producing the machines too if things work out. This is pretty much the heart of South America which would be good for distribution. Anyway we can look at that later. What I have observed here is that adobe houses seem to be better. Unfortunately for what I will call social esteem reasons people -even poor- tend toward brick and mortor ,tho more expensive. Another reason may be the time & labor it takes to make adobes by hand and for them to cure. But I personally believe things are about to change as construction costs are skyrocketing. Cement alone has gone up about 50% in the last few months. For your reference, hand made adobe block here is about 15 cents (4"x12x16"). And add to that another 15 cents delivery if not made on site. Wood is also expensive for poor. Thus the supports for the tile roof make it expensive. Tile itself costs about 30cents ea. so a mold change for roof tile would be a good idea too( if possible). Getting or making a machine here and then do a public CEB barnraising style event to raise popular enthusiasm could be a good thing to win support. Anyway if I can help with things from this end just let me know. Keep up the good work! Bill