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  • 2 groups - one is the early adopter
  • Second group - people who get the 80%
  • People think with their emotion - primary motivator
  • 5 legged dog - teacher, entrepreneur, builder, collaborator, open source.
  • One message - beat the man, 80% of the B&D market. Change the world.
  • One minute communication module - 30 seconds appeals to heart, 30 sec is transactional.
  • Communication - 30 seconds - we will change the world - by September.
  • The other model - 30 seconds - are you the kind of person?
  • Passionate appeal a la Steve Jobs - but for a better purpose - make an emotional appeal. Make transactional stuff clickable.
  • Bake shows - etc. Buildup over the next 6 months - are like a reality show.
  • Video and record for week and month - give them a quick reality TV for those taking over the world.
  • Secondary audience - buy in to the reality show.
  • The selling and making of anything - is also a product. The process is an enterprise
  • Marketing to passionate but passively interested. The product is the 'making of'.
  • For the passionately passive, the 'making of' is a product.
  • Secondary message - is getting the passionate people involve. Engtertainment.
  • For the primary - product is "Look at how much fun we have changing the world"
  • Bill Jensen - I know you believe in changing the world. This is the reason you should be a part of our group as opposed to any other group?
  • It's fun collaborating, and second - we're here to make a difference.