Biogas Power Development Invitation

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Dear Theo,

I would like to take you up on your offer which Aaron mentioned to me - regarding helping us research certain topics.

We are considering the biogas digester as a viable choice for producing cooking gas - and electricity by burning in an engine. From what I understand, this is a proven technology, and in heavy use in places such as Germany. It seems to us that this is the quickest way for us to go truly off-grid (with local biomass clippings) in our electricity and cooking gas needs.

Our specifications are:

1. 5 kW electric continuous power output from generator 2. Biogas for cooking for 24 people 3. Year-round operation (silage feedstock in winter) 4. Primarily grass clippings as feedstock 5. Continuous feed-through system 6. Biogas for space heating and greenhouse heating in winter

If you can help us, that would help us to upgrade our infrastructure to sustain 30 people with their electrical and cooking needs by year-end 2013. This could be a major contribution to the success of our project. We further aim to develop gas compression for fueling our car/tractor fleet later in the future - if we gather the sufficient support - by end of 2015.

I have added you as an editor for the Biogas project in the Control Panel of our Flashy XM interface -

Please familiarize yourself with that interface. The specification for that interface, in development, is at

Let me know your thoughts. If you can help us with this, please set up a Skype appointment with us via Aaron.

Thanks, Marcin