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OSE Bioregional refers to the scale of an economy that is limited to its local economic bioregion. The local economic bioregion is that area which is required to provide everything needed to thrive. This includes all industrial production.

The size can vary, but is in general a 60 mile radius - that which can be traveled easily in a single day. The area can be much smaller, but 60 miles gives ample room for resilience.

This is an area of 10,000 square miles. Since there are 4 million square miles in the USA, this means there are 400 of such areas in the USA, roughly. Worldwide (57 M sq mi), there are thus about 6000 such areas.


Bioregional is related to OSE notions of transformation. OSE's goal is to build The first thriving campus in historic Maysville, Missouri. Its natural effect on the local area would be mass scale afforestation, building of soil food webs, and elimination of erosion and drought, resulting in healthy food system and wildlife ecosystem. Technological effects would include regenerative housing for everyone, and extreme manufacturing microfactories that bring prosperity to everyone as people transition to meaning and purpose in balance with their natural life support systems. Such a scenario leads to a cultural and scientific advancement.