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Stock to flow ratio of Bitcoin indicates that price would reach $100k by end of 2021 [1]. It could also drop to as low as $17k. See low and highs for 2021-2025 - which shows highs and lows getting close to $100k in 2023. [2]

Seminal Books

  • Andreas Antonopoulos - Mastering Bitcoin - [3]
  • Top 3 books by Investopedia - [4]
  • Article on Medium - follow this thread - simple nontechnical examples for aha moments - [5]


  • The wallet is a public-private key pair
  • Hardware wallet or paper copy is safest - ledger nano s, or
  • The hardware wallet should have a display. The display is used to generate your key pair if you lose - you can recreate your key pair by 20 words that you write down or remember.
  • Exchanges typically store your private key.
  • Private key is what is used to access your wallet
  • Miners - ant miners pay for themselves in a few month.


  • Leger Nano S - [6]. What happens if the device is not made any more? You can move coins to a newer device by Ledger [7]. What happens if the company goes out of business? No problem - you can use your recovery phrase to restore your coins using any other wallet platform.
  • Custodial vs non-custodial accounts ? has both. custodial in the main feature - [8] - meaning holds the btc securely for you.
  • stores your private keys
  • Exodus is a desktop wallet, you hold keys. holds your keys. [9]

Hardware Wallets

Lex Comments

Saw your post about skycoin...

I would say *any* crypto currencies that relies on CPU intensive mining is not "appropriate" technology. It's wasteful and dumb :-)

Even the 2nd most popular crypto currency, Ethereum, is very actively looking to move away from wasteful mining and actually already is pushing out a new Proof-of-Stake algorithm:

Basically, look for anything other than PoW (Proof-of-Work).

Here is a short primer on the various other census algorithms:

Why People Don't Get Bitcoin in the USA

There is a very good talk by a bitcoin guy (Andreas M. Antonopoulos) of why average people in US don't really get bitcoin right away as compared to someone from a less stable country, I think the same applies to OSE (I see a lot of parallels between this talk and OSE):

Eric's Comments

In regards to wasteful mining, that is why i find FairCoin more appealing than bitcoin. Really worth a look. I mainly added this page because bitcoin is really common, and it was the first major cryptocurrency to take off.

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