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  • This is a visual programming editor for STL files, based on OpenSCAD. Instead of programming in command line, you drag and drop in BlocksCAD
  • BlocksCAD exports STLs, and in the true sense of open source - allows you to save your working files as XML.
  • You can upload STLs to work with in addition to the simple boolean forms (cube, cylinder, etc)
  • You can open up saved project files - for modifications.

License Information

Hi BlocksCAD People, 4/18

I'm the founder of Open Source Ecology, and we are considering BlocksCAD for our teaching programs. What is the license of BlocksCAD? The older Github repository has Blockscad under a GNU GPL license -

But the site does not show a license or its open source positioning. Is the software still open source? We would like to use the software, but we work only with open and libre content.

Thanks, Marcin