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Jun 24 Week

  • June 24 week - Design Sprint results with Rob, Audrey, and Marcin.
  • Midweek: Katie Joins Team!
  • Rob Blogs Video Platform
  • Glimpses Conference results - new blog post or update old.
  • Champions of Change video - update or new blog post.


  • June 17 week - OSHW Doc Jam - May 27 week - See also OSE blog - and OSHWA blog. Video list - [1] - maybe just look at the ones below, and examine others for context only as needed . Dozuki is an instance of the Omanual format - and Ifixit_embed_sample- shows a display of OManual-format files. This looks like a collaboration to pursue. Talk to Rob Kirk about Android App - which allows realtime documentation creation and annotation of video and images to compose procedure instructionals. "Simone Cicero" <> was our facilitator for the Doc Jam - he blogs at Meedabyte.
    • Treatment: start by reviewing
    • Intro Video to Taxonomy Session
    • This Video on Taxonomy starts with a Metatag that should be added to all web pages and content so that when one searches for it - they will be able to find any os project. For example, if one searches for OSHW-OSE-Tractor - they will be able to find all relevant content - including Project responsible for developing the tractor, how to contribute, etc. Note this is rough draft - we can blog this as only a 'tip of the iceberg' for what needs to happen. The goal for OSE by the end of the year is to make the Taxonomy a recognized entity within the OSHW community, so that other projects can start tagging their content according to the taxonomy - so others can find content easily and build upon it.
    • We are considering the Omanual format as the standard for documentation manuals - see Omanual Video.
    • The format of Omanual can be validated to determine that all the content for a documentation package is correct - see Schema Validation for Omanual Files.
  • Shuttleworth gathering
  • OSE Design Sprints - May 20 week - (maybe focus on the sprints only?) + HydraFabber Invitation (may post a separate post on this?) - done
  • FeF Cleanup - - done
  • The Spark - May 13 week - done