Blogging Standards

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When writing technical blog posts at - please include images and links. Here are points to consider in your post to the greater OSE community:

  1. Overview of what we are doing
  2. Why is it important?
  3. How it fits within the GVCS
  4. Cost
  5. Performance goals
  6. Testing procedure to achieve goals
  7. Challenges and risks
  8. Future directions


  • Provide Perspective
  • Update on technical GVCS developments
  • Update on Documentation
  • Update on Organizational Development
  • Details on Agriculture, Construction, Infrastructure


  • The fold is the  !--more-- tag in html edit mode. Put images/videos above the fold to give people good visuals - while truncating message display at the fold. Rationale: the wiki page loads more quickly and it is easier to navigate to subsequent articles. Attracts people to stay longer on the page.