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  • An Abbreviation for Biaxially-oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • Often Referred to as "Mylar" (this also goes for the metal coated versions)
  • A Film Made from Stretched PET (Plastic) that is heat set in the stretched form
  • Wikipedia Excerpts:
    • "If it were produced without any additives, the surface of the film would be so smooth that layers would adhere strongly to one another when the film is wound up, similar to the sticking of clean glass plates when stacked. To make handling possible, microscopic inert inorganic particles are usually embedded in the PET to roughen the surface of the film such as Silicon Dioxide "
    • "Biaxially oriented PET film can be metallized by vapor deposition of a thin film of evaporated aluminium, gold, or other metal onto it. The result is much less permeable to gases (important in food packaging) and reflects up to 99% of light, including much of the infrared spectrum. For some applications like food packaging, the aluminized boPET film can be laminated with a layer of polyethylene, which provides sealability and improves puncture resistance. The polyethylene side of such a laminate appears dull and the boPET side shiny."

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