Book - Challenges

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Discussion of various blocks, institutional and practical - which were negotiated

  • Pro fundraising - you have to have money to raise money
  • Volunteer excitement. Amazing contributions to finish project rapidly? Except that... 2 year promise denied. Great fit r trating things...but not finishing.
  • Replication does not happen. Very limited entrepreneurial spirit out there. Those who are entrepreneurial are already doing their thing, and unfortunately near zero is aligned
  • Calling out to those who are working on a product...take it to the finish line.
  • Sample DIY success is like an icebergm the bulk of the work to be done for product release is like the submerged part under water: much larger than what it seems. But that is understandable when one could nsiders the product development lifecycle
  • People not understanding the development lifecycle, not understanding that Development and Pilots are needed - not replication because longevity performance data has not been attained for most projects.
  • Microfactory model vs centralized production - everyone tends towards the centralized model. Need for DQC. Distributed QC.
  • General marcusian critique - we are very comfortable in our unfreedom, and in fact we ourselves protect that unfreedom. Our question to you is: how do you NOT prote the that unfreedom in your personal and economic life?
  • And the trap: getting pulled into my insignificance, as someone else is paying. For example - stopping your distributive nature, or just not being able to do it. Or doing 3D printers and education without direct link to industrial productivity and liberatory technology that addresses cost of living and liberates one to self-determination. Arriving at system sublimation.