Book - Leaving Nobody Behind

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  • Concept of uplifting the whole, not only the best
  • Raises playing field, so the best are naturally uplifted too. Nobody left behind, wiw-win
  • Alternative is further increase of inequality
  • Inequality is natural - that is part of diversity. But growth is also a natural part - so the question is who do we grow as a society?
  • Arguments as such imply that:
  • perennial polyculture swarm.breedng produces better results than genetic engineering, because it allows for improvement in harmony with ecosystem
  • Open Source knowledhge produces better knowledge than proprietary development
  • Democratized technology is better than engineer superheroes
  • Distrbuted production gets better results than centralized manufacturing
  • Pollution ends because we stop socializing negative consequences
  • Biodiversity loss ceases because we start to care about the whole, not only 'elite species'
  • Distributive eneterprise becomes the norm as we take care of everybody
  • We favor appropriate, integrated technology, not point 'savior technologies'