Book - Operational Plan for Building a Village

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Call to action - this is not theory, intended audience is those who.will do this.


  • The Open Earth Manual - Design Guides on 3DP, House, Heavy Machine Construction Set.
  • Vetting- growth mindset, public engagement mindset, ability to teach.
  • Clarity on the definition of Integrated Human.
  • Sales prevention for onboarding (Year 1) is applied - be clear about values sought, and still attain the numbers by virtue of the raised bar. This should quality control itself.
  • team is core team that provides the leadership.
  • Two pizza team prepares curriculum for building physical infrastructures and THEN social infrastructures that are based upon physical infrastructures. Namely, integrated human training for autonomy, mastery purpose.Full time hired.
  • To get to two pizza team, we develop 1-3 key enterprises - likely 3D printing, house building, heavy machine building. 1 could definitely be sufficient, but one is a bad number in business.
  • To get to 3 enterprises, need Design Guides to enable Enterprise training. Development of enterprises must leverage crowd development, likely through incentive challenges.
  • To avoid anarchy, we educate the people. 4 year immersion for roles.
  • Effectively a Campus like a college

Onboarding with Exit Strategy

  • Active execution of 1-3 enterprises funds this work.
  • 4 year process before full-time on site participation.
  • Grond Zero: Inspirational message from the founder. Expectations. Tell them the truth and come out of the closet.
  • Year 1 Survey - intro to the reading list. Low-cost Cliffs Notes ebook for those considering the 1 year study program.
  • Year 1: Background and reading list. Seminal books influencing this work, with narratives of how these books influence this work. Building upon all knowledge known to humankind. Free access, with paid access at a premium and a large subscriber base over 1 Gig internet.
  • Literacies: numeracy, technological determinism, energy and physics phenomena, scales of size and energy and number, ecological literacy (soil food web, polyculture vs genetics, trees and desertification, terraforming), emotional literacy (plutchik + Kaitlyn Robbs), psychological literacy (self-determination, Maslow, invertd maslow)
  • Paid subscription premium - access to all materials + weekly conversation with founder discussing current book chapters and influence of seminal works. Theme is simply: what is generally accepted as best practice for generating freedom and Integrated Humanity via a given area of endeavor? Includes curated forum threads, with Curator Guidelines and Training. Strict on growth, supportive environment, positive psychology, openness and vulnerability, and constructive criticism, and creative problem-solving. Intent: finding potential campus members.

Year 2 Onboarding

  • YEAR 2 IS THE TRUTH. The year 1 work is the idea level of cosmopolitan knowledge, which is critical as a foundation, but here is the actual reality as we wean people off a city dweller's prejudice, and forge the character of responsibility.
  • Can happen at the same time as Year 1, but better results are obtained with Year 1. We can measure results of retention comparing the two cohorts.
  • Involves taking XM workshops, Starting OSE Clubs. Participating ng on Dev Team.