Book - Socializing Costs and Legal + Financial Reform

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  • why socializing costs is advantageous to some more than others, hence consituting a perverse incentive. Transition to socializing benefits, not costs.
  • Lmited Liability - institutionalized irresponsibility as one of the most damaging institutions of humanity. Full responsibility.
  • Going public - institution for centralizing capital
  • War on ... - predatory capitalism. How to take financial incentves out of war.
  • Healthcare - profiting from peoples' misfortunes and the Rockefeller Medicine Men. Regenerating sick care.
  • Financial incentives for ecocide. Regenerating nature.
  • Dumbing the population down for social control: from genocide to education. True education for self-determination
  • Raising buttloads of money: funnymoney, and at somebody else's expense. How to raise buttloads of money without hurting anyone by removing the middle men.
  • From stock brokers to ICOs. How many ney can be decentralized.
  • How the start a bank.
  • From bureaucracy to smart contracts.
  • From surveillance capitalism to self-determination
  • Role of addressing material constraints and it's effect on freedom
  • Governance - from national state to city state and autonomous republic. How to address conflict. Best examples of representative and non-representative (what, democracy?) governements.
  • What is a sound government? Elements for enabling democracy.
  • Call to action - how to create your own bank.for regeneration. Cash backed by Village Campus productivity.