Book - You Have to Have Money to Make Money

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...and how to break this pattern so it's bootstrapping and ideas that have the power to make it.


Concentration of wealth is supported by many mechanisms of society. Here we go through several such as banks, nonprofit fundraising, startups by serial entrepreneurs.

  • Patents
  • Industry standard specifications are proprietary
  • On-contingency fundraising is unethical
  • Legalized bribes, K-Street, $200k speeches
  • Military funding
  • Academia and journal access
  • Proprietary product development
  • Corruption - based around material security as you want a house and car and 'need' money to get it. Desperation.


And antidotes as in Bold and more:

  • Public engineering
  • Open source knowhow product design
  • Crowd funding
  • Incentive Challenges
  • Crowd design
  • Microloans
  • Guerilla marketing and publicity
  • Start your own bank
  • 'Community bank'
  • ICO + cryptocurrency