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HintLightbulb.png Hint: 2017 Notes

Thu Feb 22, 2018

  • Remaining: Fab tools. D1. Finish up Bioplastic Extruder, Scanner. D2. CNC Ciruit Mill. D3. Laser Cutter. D4. CNC Torch D5. Heavy duty CNC Mill. D5 - robotic arm - D6. Induction Furnace. D7. Metal Rolling - cold and hot D8. Wire and Rod Mill D8. Press Forge. D9. Ironworker. D9. Plasma Cutter D10. Welder
  • Move on to the Weekend Extreme Design - 100 people for 8 hours do a complete design.
  • Move on to the Weekend Book Sprint - with a Template, we produce a complete Workshop Manual Book.
  • Weekend Book Sprint - Template for a complete Coffee Table Book
  • Weekend Recruiting Sprint - producing Recruiting Assets, identifying all the people and enlisting them as Developers and SMEs - 100 new people applying per week.
  • Summary of the Basic Microfactory - 2000 sf - $100k
  • Summary of propose Eco-Industrial Park - $1M for a Modern Civilization that produces ecosteel, bioplastic, ecoPV, ecoglass, ceramics, ecopaper, ecolumber, ecobrick, ecoconcrete.


Most profound summary of all hands knowledge across all fields, Fuller/Steele style.

Positioning Revisited

  • Here's how the world works. Economy, money, religion politics.
  • The best way to predict the future is to create it - so here are our options and here is OSE's current action plan for how to get there.
  • Positioning is ethical, deep work,transformative, fundamental solutions, and pointing to real authorities, not pseiludoscientist publicists. Ex of solutions - RMI, Land Institute, Badgersett, Autmation, appropriate technology, etc.


  • Definition of the ethical economy and the central role of open source ethics
  • Practical guide for high performing Open Source Movement Entrepreneurs solving wicked problems for breakfast.
  • Big perspective - Summary of All human knowledge to date.
  • Contemporary Wisdom People - Chomsky, Rutter, Polish, etc
  • Responsibility required - I am not your guru. Life is hard if you live it the easy way, life is easy if you live it the hard way.
  • Call to action. Join as a Movement Entrepreneur. Join dev team. Recruit. Join Extreme Development Sessions. Replicate enterprises. Podcast. Swag. Hi Assets required: a few enterprises, design guides, and 101 101s.
  • Zero tolerance for BS - hire slow, ex-communicate fast.


  1. Redefining Ethical Business. Marketing transformation. DE viewpoint model of change via OS microfa Tory, right livelihood, and pursuit of self-determination.
  2. Extreme Manufacturing. Disrupt or be Disrupted
  3. OBI
  4. Humor
  5. Elemental Flows - materials that are needed: rocks, sunlight, etc. Elementary, my dear Watson.
  6. OSPD Platform - for the nerds
  7. Machine Ecology, OSPD, Distributive Enterprise
  8. Peak Performance - Flow State Percentage - Lifelong Learning - General Semantics - Psycho-Cybernetics - NLP - Integrated Humans - Functional Medicine
  9. Transcendence - No Limits. Psycho-Cybernetics Yes, Yes to Yes Men, everything is negotiable. Negative psychology.
  10. Getting government out of the entertainment business
  11. New work tribes and new money systems. History of freedom and taxation.
  12. Podcast
  13. Deaths - bankruptcy, acceptance, tax man, legal pickles, more hobgoblins, and slashing other deathly fears.


  1. Open Source Laboratory Construction Set
  2. Building Open Source Hardware - alicia
  3. Second Industrial Divide
  4. Open Source Everything Manifesto
  5. Rifkin's The Zero Marginal Cost Society - I'm mentioned
  6. MIT Innovations Journal