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  1. scarcity is a state of mind. 10,000 factor
  2. Change is beyond finance capital. OS is the strongest form of Capital, as it's idea capital. Toffler Power Shift 3 forms of power. Military, economic, knowledge.
  3. My story. Ww2, tanks on the street, and Princeton. Summarize Character Stand and Promise. Hi e up my theoretical chalkboard for reality. Pressing world issues.
  4. The One Fallacy - that we can solve the current state of the economy without transitioning to the next economy - the open source economy.
  5. For movement entrepreneurs. Say you want to start a movement.
  6. Key infrastructures. Models of what is possible and cost effective today. housing, ag, Manufacturing, energy, materials. For each, summarize the latest in accepted knowledge, and enter unconventional knowledge. such as Phil's nuts and the first Distributive Enterprise.
  • Gasifier Tractor + Carbon negative bricks
  • For the above, the first case of carbon negative block would be a killer.
  1. unnatural Selection: Corporations. Propping up the information, whether Google/FB or The communist state.
  2. Exponential Enterprises.
  3. The ball bearing: most advanced element of civilization.
  4. Rise and fall of American mfg - smil
  5. Toyota, lean, 6s, Exponential manufactring, and Extreme Manufacturing.
  6. Gandhi, x, fuller, piore
  7. The success of Open Source - Weber. Steele. The open source Hardware gap.
  8. From Toyota to Beyond 6 Sigma - Distributed Six Sigma.
  9. Inclusive.solution: collaborative literacy, collaboration architecture (study soem programming frameworks) and Distributive Enterprise

Treatment: deep analysis of Industry Standards, and proposing the 'what if' next step, by grounding it on understanding of reality