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Please go to our Jitsi meeting and make sure it works for you. You should have a video camera. This is your link to the event - you can listen to all sessions live and ask questions during Q&A. We will send a more detailed schedule before the event.

All material covered in lectures will be recorded. You can also purchase a 3D printer kit from us later on if you would like to build your own.

To follow us on the CAD lessons in FreeCAD - we recomment you use OSE Linux Live - see for details.

As far as the Schedule for your participation: note that live participation allows you to ask questions - otherwise you can watch the recordings. The lectures and exlanatory conversations will be recorded and available for live viewing, while the builds will be documented and any videos will be posted at a later date. The key schedule items that are fixed right now are at the 8 AM and 1 PM sessions - note that this is only a partial schedule and that we will post specific times each day - we will post them at . You can expect about 4 hours of lectures per day

To clarify - the event will be a mix of workshop time, and classroom time (presentation, lecture, lesson, etc). The classroom is a space in HabLab with internet - and that's where we'll present all the sessions, explanations, software learning, theory, etc - anything that is not occurring in the workshop. About half the time is lectures.

The short is that EVERYTHING in the classroom time will be recorded. For the workshop - we can only do pictures and video.

We will post timelapses and short clips on a daily basis, reporting on the build progress and main lessons learned. We will upload pictures of build sequence on a daily basis as well. Combined with the classroom presentation, that should provide an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. We will also produce a promotional video from the materials - one of our Immersion Program participants is doing that, so that will not get done until a couple weeks after the end of the immersion program.

Please ask if you have any questions, and welcome to the world of open source. Thanks, Marcin