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This is the Boston Fab Lab home page. Ideally this will be just the starting point for a New England & Northeast OSE branch for people making things on their own, boosting the economy by helping us all create products that we can sell and/ or just use to help one another!

Currently working on a cement mixer I am in need of 1- Collaborators! 2- Resources including but not limited to: MIG welder, land/ workspace that is more permanent (mine is a bit temporary)!!!! 3- Ideas! I am open to building more than things for the GVCS, but I would still like to make my main focus (other than work!), the GVCS. however at the Boston Fab Lab, and hopefully the New England & Northeast OSE, ideally we keep our eyes open for things that would be of use to any and all of us.

Below is the space, and some of the stuff that I have and am willing to use such as: Engine Stand, Engine Lift, Mechanics Tools, Car(s) to help people get familiar with cars?(both being built or rebuilt), and quite a bit more...with more to come!

302 heads 1.JPG
Barn 1.JPG
Barn 2.JPG
E lift 2.JPG
E lift 1.JPG
Toolcart 1.JPG
Car parts 2.JPG
Car parts 3.JPG
Car 1.JPG
Car parts 1.JPG