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Crowdfunding platform for development work



Hi friends, Marcin here from OSE. Can we use Bountysource to fund open hardware, such as this -'

rappo Marcin_ose, by hardware, do you mean the blueprints/plans, or the actual production of the hardware itself? there are already other projects that use Bountysource to improve and create 3d printer plans, etc, so that's something that's perfectly fine It's OK, you're connected again :) []

Marcin_ose rappo: we mean blueprints for open source machines, and blueprints for open manufacturing of open source machines @rappo Marcin_ose, are these published under an open source license? If so I think that's well within the range of bountysource, yes Marcin_ose Rappo: can you show a good case study where people raise a bounty and then use that bounty as a reward in a development project? Yes, OSHWA compliant OSH. @rappo Marcin_ose, ConceptFORGE is fairly similar in that regards then, they use Bountysource for instructions and improving the plans of their 3d printer so it's all open-hardware specific Marcin_ose Nice. @rappo if you're looking for success stories, it's easiest to go to the homepage, look at the live activity feed, and search for "was awarded" there are bounties being paid out daily :)

Marcin_ose, their github repo is so you could probably contact them through that, or post a question on their issues if they allow that