Box Hiller

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(blade and wheel shown on one side only, other side is identical)

Design Rationale

  • This is like a box blade, except for hilling by spilling soil through an adjustable channel.
  • Uses standard library - box tubing, same frame as flail mower and keyline plow. This is the universal drawbar.
  • Bearings are used to mount the blade, and angle of blade is adjustable via bearing pivot. Rear bearing is adjustable as well
  • Height of blade is adjustable by hydraulically controlled wheels
  • Standard 3x8" cylinders
  • Idler wheel library is used
  • Implement is trainable - more implements can be strung behind it.
  • Designed to go behind a flail mower for hilling operation
  • Keyline plow and planter follows this machine.
  • Drawbar can be replaced with various other length as needed.
  • Frame is welded to serve as a universal implement bar, with everything else being bolt-on.
  • 1/4" wall square tubing, 4"x4" is used. 1/2" wall tubing can be substituted for heavier duty.