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A boxed way is a type of linear slide. A linear slide is made of two things that can move freely in a line but not in any other way (ex. cannot bend or rotate or move along any other line).

The adhesive used between the ways and the base is #459-0087 - DP-190 Gray Scotch Weld. An adhesive is also used to bond the low friction bearing material to the saddle and that is #SBNS1763FC5OZ - Waylock 2-part adhesive.

Boxedwaydiagram.png Boxedways.png

Shaftcouplingbox.png Xyboxed.png




Reduced Shank Endmill


Stepper Motor - NEMA 23 from Lin Engineering - 5818L-04S

Leadscrew - Rolled or Ground Acme Screw OR Ballscrew, Stainless Steel, Machined Straight Ends -

Leadscrew Nut - Anti-Backlash, Axial mounting -

Leadscrew Nut Mount -

Thrust Bearing x2 -

Thrust Bearing Mount x2 -

Shaft Coupling - Helical Beam, Clamp, Aluminum from Mcmaster-Carr - 6208K541 (~40 / unit) ?

All fasteners are stainless steel 18-8, M3x0.5

Screw x4 (for mounting stepper motor)

Screw xX (for mounting retainers)

Screw xX (for compressing gib)

Nut xX (for holding gib screw)

Lubrication Fitting

Cast grey iron 2" x 4" x 12" for Base (from SpeedyMetals)

Cast grey iron 2" x 4" x 4" for Saddle (from SpeedyMetals)