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Breaker Project is an effort to disrupt education by combining classroom + online learning with hands-on application to real world problems via enterprise. By Juliette, TED Senior Fellow

Performance Outcomes

  • collaboration across networks
  • a bias toward action and experimentation
  • agility and adaptability
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • assessing and analyzing information
  • effective oral and written communication
  • curiosity and imagination
  • associative or integrative thinking
  • empathy
  • Rubrics for each indicator (including descriptions of emerging, developing, proficient, and advanced competency) in development. Also need exemplars for each - but that will take the first run to collect.

Breaker Model

  • Education experience - 15 students
  • $35k+ budget for 3 months
  • More education than Quirky
  • Nonprescriptive requirement
  • Ex Scrum methodology
  • Common
  • University - does not have an infrastructure for Breaker
    • Only internship
    • Only lecture
    • Not affordable to build in-house model
    • Can do a diffuse model but needs a manager to contain it

Open the Model

  • Juliette holds all IP
  • To protect kids from patent infringement and
  • 2-3 people get to do the project as startup