Brian Klik Dedicated Project Visit Application

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Name, Location, Contact Info

Name: Brian Klik

Location: Currently in Chennai, India, on tourism. From Seattle, USA.

Mobile, USA: 586.612.9929

Mobile, India: +91.9444.262.163


Skype. Brian.Klik

When would you be available for a Dedicated Project Visit and for what duration?

Available June 15, 2014 for a duration of 6+ months.

Please attach a resume or provide a list of work / volunteer experience and education.

Please include a photo of yourself.

Please submit a 1 minute video introduction regarding your interest in applying. This is a video-of-interest (VOI) and it must include: (1) Name and country where you are located, (2) why you are interested in applying; (3) what you would like to contribute to our effort and relevant skill set that will help you do that; (4) what are you hoping to get out of your visit? Please upload this video to a public video sharing site such as YouTube or OpenPhoto.

  1. Are you willing to publish all the results of your work openly according to the OSE Open IP Guidelines?
  1. Yes

Do you have resources to support yourself while volunteering with us?


Do you have sample work that you could upload and/or share via email? (ie. projects, designs, technical writing, graphic designs, videos, etc).

Nearly all of my projects are work-proprietary.

Are there skills/expertise you hope to gain while a DPV at FeF?

I hope to learn more about sustainable agriculture and the actions we need to take in order to maintain a life-harboring world. I am interested in alternative energy and would like to learn more first hand about different methods and ways I can personally contribute. I am also interested in learning about aquaponics and the benefits of alternative farming techniques.

Please provide three (3) references (professional or educational). Contact information for references can be uploaded with the application, resume, or emailed directly to

How did you hear about OSE and the DPV opportunity?

An open-source-minded friend pointed me in your direction.

Do you have any other concerns or considerations? (May be emailed separately)

I hope to both contribute to these projects with my skills, learn first hand what can be done in the effort of sustainability, and develop an understanding of how I can personally contribute.