Brick Laying

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One of the steps to acquiring a skill is to watch the professionals after you have tried it yourself. I did a quick search on youtube and found some...

Fill-in with kiln-fired bricks: Note the following: - no level, only the string - how the head joint is buttered - how many times he lays down the trowel - where the mortar board is placed - where the brick a placed - note the entire bed was already down before he starts Keep in mind this is fill-in, and not corners.

Fast fill-in with kiln-fired brick: So, to answer Marcin's question.... 800 bricks/hour

How to carry bricks: I don't even know what to say to that.

Detail on concrete block: This explains some detail that we did not cover. Note how quickly the mortar is applied. What we were doing is something between the brick and block.