Brick Press Viral Replication Checklist

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See also Replicability Standards. Part of Everwhere Tech and Brick Press Viral Replication

The CEB Story 2012. from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.


The Liberator Open Source Brick Press is nearing the stage of viral replicability - with significant implications: for enabling low-cost house building; humanitarian projects; and other applications. This is a checklist of items that OSE is working on to make viral replicability a reality. On December 18, 2012 - we will demonstrate how to build this brick press in one day. This is extreme production efficiency, which contributes to the replicability potential of the machine.


  • 2D CAM for CNC Torch, Laser, or Waterjet - done - Brick Press CAM Files
  • Full 3D model - Sketchup
  • Google 3D Warehousing of Sketchup Model
  • Complete ZIP of DXFs ready for CNC cutting
  • Scale model CAM file for Laser Cutter - Epilog
  • Scale model CAM file for CNC Router
  • Scale model documentation
  • Component-wise assembly production for Community Production Runs
  • Economic Analysis.
    • Economic analysis of 1/2 building costs from Barry.
  • Economic Analysis
  • Strategic Partnership deployment Package - for recruiting deployment via Humanitarian Projects - field testing
  • Community Platform - web
  • Community Manager - for CEB project
  • Open Source Label - Elements of Open Source Hardware
  • Trademark on name
  • Proven house designs based on the design
  • Circuit mill CAM files for controller
  • Full Gerber files for controller
  • Instructional on building controller + box + sensors - see Drobo for video materials
  • OpenShot remote video flash mob
  • Ordering infrastructure for OSE
  • Distributive Enterprise Package for startups
  • Distributive Enterprise Package - for any fab shop to be motivated to build these; economic rationale
  • Outsourced Fabrication package - full instructions on how to instruct a local fab shop to produce a machine
  • Workshop infrastructure and organizational infrastructure - for BYOM program at FeF
  • TechShop and 3rd Ward fabrication workshop - economic model for this; pilot run at TechShop.
  • Calculations and CAE analysis on structure and peer review on abrasion issues.
  • Development of pressure switch and upgrade of code for it.

Phase 2 Primary

  • Full CNC Torch Table documentation
  • DIY-millable open source controller for CNC torch table - StepperNug
  • Collaboration with Adafruit and Sparkfun for parts sales - controllers, or at least refer to them for Arduino et al.

Phase 3 Primary

  • DIY hydraulic motor and cylinder
  • CNC Multimachine for hydraulic motor milling

Background Information