Brick Stacking Patterns

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Marcin suggests simplest approach in House Module 1, with corners being Basket Weave. However, we should add 2" spacers here to address vertical seams. Further, we should model this on the Header Bond as in the Wikipedia Brickwork article.

For Doors and Windows - I suggest a modified 'Basket Weave with middle brick missing - because if bricks are slightly over 4" in some cases, we will have trouble.

I suggest avoiding bricks over the lintels found over windows and doors - replacing these with a bond beam instead - where bond beam functions as the lintel. This avoids the interfacing details on top of wood. I suggest frames for doors and windows are put in before bricks are laid around these apertures so we do all brick laying with no velocity decrease due to apertures.

Module Progression

Each building module should explore a different aspect of the build.

Module 1

  • Header bond, using a half-brick as a spacer.

Module 2


  • Brick Laying - Wikipedia - [1]