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  • Owner's Rep - commercial interiors
  • Shard - [1]
  • Studied architectural engineering
  • Design of the relationships and workflows
  • Lean construction - pool planning. Lay out a calendar. Say for 6 weeks. Map out every single day. Any project in major constructor. All subcontractors get into the same room. Push vs. pull. Push: build 2 rooms. Outline your framing and rough electrical and plumbing. Then drywall. If you do a push process, you think about forward process. How do you start then what's the next step. Pull: what do I need as an end result. Say you need 2 rooms that need to be complete. What is the last step to do and, start with that. So you can eliminate all waste.
  • The Goal: A Process of Continual Imrovement - B - narration, fictional, on non-fictional principles.
  • Best appraoch is to have every single person in the room. Pool plan process - everyone gets in the room. Optimally Have designer in there too, and the Owner.
  • Conditions of Satisfaction - What does it mean for an owner to be satisfied - so everyone is super clear about all results. If it's measurable - make it clear, even for unmeasurable - qualitatively, continuously ask the owner throughout the process. Podcast on this coming out in 2 weeks.
  • Met a person last week - virtual reality rendering - have them walk through the virtual reality. Oculus glasses.
  • Open Source Virtual Reality - [2]
  • Sustainability Space crowdsourcing - Argonne in Illinois - Opens up to angel. Dr. Ralph Neilheisen - last Podcast.
  • Integrative management projects - collaborate.
  • High finish vs low finish
  • Design, constructability, workflow.
  • Leanconstruction.or -