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Thu Apr 3, 2020

Latest Updates

Community Designs The maker community is an endlessly inventive, imaginative and open group of thinkers and doers. It's no surprise that many of you have downloaded the files and iterated on the original design of the Budmen Face Shield. Several of these iterations opened up new doors and possibilities for creating face shields faster.

We have begun compiling a page dedicated to these designs. The first two posted are from Something Labs who created a laser and CNC version of the face shield that can be fabricated in record time. The second is a work in progress from Rich Brilliant Willing who are working on a design to optimize the print time of the Face Shield.

You can find the information about these designs on this page that we will be continuing to update with new community designs: https://budmen.com/community-designs/

NIH Certification The National Institute of Health approved a version of the Budmen Face Shield files that our incredible partners at IC3D helped to modify and validate in clinical review. That means this version of the design has undergone review in a clinical setting and is recommended when fabricated as instructed.

The link to the NIH and the download of new file package can be found here: https://Budmen.com

Many of you have already started printing and are sharing your process with the hashtag #3DFaceShield. Feel free to tag @budmenindustries on instagram or @budmenind on twitter and we will help share the message as quickly as possible.

The requests are still coming in with over 395,105 face shields being requested around the world. We are working hard to connect those requests to you, the registered producers, as fast as we can.

We cannot express how much we appreciate how you have all united together to flatten the curve around the globe.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We are here to help.

Team Budmen