Build Fuel Tank

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  • Cut 1/4"x4"x8*fuel tank with cold cut saw, band saw, or torch
  • Clean edges, clean out inside of debris
  • [2] Cut tank ends - 1/4"x4"x8" flats
  • Spray paint pattern of filler cap on top tank closure
  • Torch filler cap hole
  • Drill screw holes for filler cap
  • Fuel line is located at middle bottom of 8" face of tank - torch it out
  • Cut a 1/4" fitting for fuel line
  • Grind and ream all edges to be welded prior to welding
  • Weld fuel line fitting (1/4" npt)
  • Weld bottom and top onto fuel tank
  • Screw in the filler cap
  • Leak test the tank
    • Take off filler cap, tape up top
    • Take off fuel barb, screw in air hose barb
    • Fill tank with 15 psi with compressor.
    • Pour soap solution on seams to determine air tightness
    • Weld over leak spots, iterate as necessary
    • As final step prior to welding to frame - reconnect fuel hose barb, attach 1/4" hose and plug off hose, fill with gas
    • Check for any visible leaks, correct as necessary.
    • Drain fuel tank via attached hose.

Now it's ready for welding to frame.