Build Mufflers

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Added flexibility and accesssibility is created by using individual cylindrical mufflers, at about $10 in parts per muffler, compared to a single muffler (more space constraints and $200 cost)

  • Cut inner tube - 6.5"
  • Cut outer tube - 8"
  • Secure 8 close nips, 1”
  • Secure 8 elbows, 1”
  • Cut 2 rings – flange and end piece of large tube
  • Grind and ream rings
  • Prepare 1 washer – 1/2” - for closing inner tube
  • Prepare 1 closure of washer
  • Mark pattern for muffler flange
  • Torch muffler flange, use #1 torch head
  • Weld muffler assembly starting with muffler flange - threaded into elbow to protect threads from welding
  • Weld inner tube to second close nip
  • Weld inner tube flange
  • Weld closure of inner tube, close off inner tube by welding
  • Weld outer tube to flange, then close off outer tube
  • Attach muffler to engine, with an allan-head 5/16"x3/4" bolt for the inner bolt (because of inaccessibility), and a regular hex head bolt to outer flange hole, with metal lock washers on both bolts