Build Wheel Motor Assemblies and Mount on Tractor

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  • Build Motor Interface Plates
    • CNC torch motor interface plates
    • Grind and clean
    • Attach hydraulic motor to interface plate (weld or 4 bolts)
      • If welding, attend to cooling the hydraulic motor
    • Weld on 3/4" nut for securing to motor mount plate, on side of hydraulic motor
  • Build Motor Attachment Plate
    • CNC torch motor attachment plates
    • Grind and clean (surface needs to be flat, no bumps allowed)
  • Attach motor interface plates to motor attachment plates
  • Mount on tractor:
  • Lift respective wheen off the ground
  • With shaft collars loose, punch shaft in to approximate correct location, with 6-spline male shaft exposed
  • MOunt coupler with female 6-spline shaft on hydraulic motor
  • Insert motor assembly onto 6-spline male shaft
  • Clamp hydraulic motor onto frame member
  • Punch shaft in until it's flush with the coupler
  • Weld motor mount plate onto frame member
  • Tack weld one corner of motor interface plate and motor mount plate together to prevent any slippage while allowing for quick disassembly via a 30 second grind
  • Done with one wheel, move onto others