Build Wheel Shafts

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Wheel End

  • Cut 1-7/8" shafts to 28"
  • Cut 6" long collars from 2" pipe
  • Label collar and shaft, as these are paired up and can't be confused between shafts.
  • Drill 3/4" hole for wheel plate mounting through shaft and collar
    • Drill through collar and shaft at the same time
  • Weld on reinforcing nuts on collars

Motor End

  • Use 6" stub of standard 1-3/8" 6 spline shafting
  • End drill 3.5" deep (on a lathe) the 1-3/8" receiver for 6-spline standard PTO shafting
  • Torch out 3" long slit in 1-7/8" shaft, on two sides of shaft
  • Plug weld spline shafting in hole, on lathe if necessary for alignment
  • Trim the 6-spline shafting so that there is no gap between the shafting and the female coupler on motor.