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We are recruiting a master builder to test and demonstrate the usability of GVCS tools in the construction of state-of-art housing and other infrastructure at Factor e Farm.

We are particularly interested in those people with diversified experience set. Experience in standard construction techniques is a baseline, but should be complemented with quick learning ability of nonstandard and natural building techniques. Basic familiarity with equipment maintenance, repair, torching and welding is also desirable. Construction management skills are a plus.

The builder is required to document progress openly with a daily log and vlog on the wiki (see Marcin Log for an example) using an automatic upload platform such as an Android smart phone.

Overall Duties

Long term goals for the construction aspect of the GVCS includes ability to:

  • Build a limestone firing kiln to produce hydrated lime.
  • Demonstrate optimized CEB construction technique workflow for on-demand housing construction.
  • Demonstrate state of art rainwater catchment using ozonation as key component of purification process
  • Demonstrate greenwood gasification process at 98% efficiency for combined heat power purposes
  • Demonstrate green roofs as an effective eco-roofing technique
  • Include solar concentrator as part of combined heat and power system at under $1 per peak watt installed cost
  • Demonstrate 50 kW wind turbine with open source tower technology
  • Demonstrate arched, timbrel vault, Nubian vault, and corbeled arch construction for earthen roofs
  • Demonstrate septic fertigation technique for wastewater treatment, and rooftop/well hybrid for freshwater
  • Demonstrate open source well rig, open source cement mixer, and open source rebar production
  • Demonstrate super-insulated homes with bioplastic glazing from onsite resources, including glass block from cullet
  • Demonstrate biomass pellet-fueled construction machinery
  • Demonstrate construction material costs at $1 per square foot by using $13k of equipment (starting from metal melting):
    • $2k bulldozer
    • $2k for two tractors/skid loaders
    • $1k CEB press
    • $1k sawmill
    • $500 cement mixer
    • $500 limestone kiln
    • $2k bioplastic extruder
    • $1k well rig
    • $500 soil pulverizer
    • $500 trencher
    • $1k wind turbine
    • $1k solar concentrator