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With regards to building I helped a brick layer build a house about 11 years ago, and in the job I do now here in England (Steeplejack) I have worked on a few contracts mixing mortar and laying blocks at the top of industrial chimney stacks.

To further my knowledge and brick/block laying skill I have consulted with the bricklayer I work with and asked him what would be a good 5 day project I could undertake before travelling to the OSE farm to commence build there.

After listening to his suggestions and looking at a sketch he did for me I have drawn the sketch up in QCad and found a Builging training company near where I live that will train me on a weeks course.

Over the 5 days i will practice the following;

1. Setting out, squaring and use of the ‘Gauge Rod’ 2. Building walls in Stretcher Bond, English garden wall bond & if time permits Flemish Bond 3. Then build a structure as demonstrated in the Qcad drawing I've posted below so as to practice all of the major building skills needed to competently build a house. Example.jpg