Bulldozer QC

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  • bolt heads do not have washer on outside connection of Rotor to frame
  • at least 3 bolts connect on top from rotor to frame.
  • At least 2 bolts connect idler mount plates to frame
  • correct spacing for idler is determined by track pads being 2" away from frame and bolts
  • spacer is inserted between inner bearing of idler and frame
  • Idler shaft sticks out one foot on one side and a minimum on the other side - just enough to put a 2"clamp on outside the bearing
  • bolts on the 6" idler clamps are tight to 300 in lb- see bolt torque table
  • sprocket clamps are tight to 300 in lb
  • no airspace is visible between idler mount plates and frame/rotor
  • track tensioner is against the idler mount plate
  • main idler shaft clamps are touching the u-bolt
  • 2 Microtractor are mirror images for symmetry, exhaust, and excess idler shaft reasons.
  • offset cab is allowed
  • tying 2 Microtractor at front is done with two 10' tubes
  • trailer hitch mounts third power cube in back.