Bulldozer Roadmap

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The general road map for the bulldozer has these milestones:

  • MicroTrac base control module developed for robust structure at 4000 lb weight limit using 1-7/8" idler shafts in the walk-behind configuration with loader and 46" wheel base - including 1500 lb low-lift working loads and 1000 lb high loading
  • Robust keyless clamping ability of rotor drive sprocket to shaft - at the 4000 lb drive torque (at surface of tracks)
  • Significance: ready modularity at the level of drive sprocket interchangeability
  • MicroTrac base control module hydraulic controls developed for simultaneous parallel and series drive operation.
  • MicroTrac base module development for up to 3 Power Cubes, cab, and heavy loader arms, and 8000 lb vehicle weight, using 8" shafts
  • scalability of 2 of the above for 12,000 lb torque machine
  • Scalability of 3 of the above for a 18,000 lb torque machine
  • Doubling of torque via a geardown for a max of 36,000 of pushing force