Business Design Rationale

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OSE's business design includes the following principles:

  • Information wants to be free. The practical reason for OSE's case is that only by open distribution of knowhow can we generate virally-spreading, Distributive Enterprise.
  • It may be argued that virally-spreading enterprise doesn't have to be open source - such as McDonalds or Taco Bell. However, the distinction is whether ethical business practice is the norm.
  • Ethics claim is that Open Source is the first level of ethics - sharing economic power. The second level is the details of practices: regenerative use of resources, human regeneration, etc.
  • OSE is unlike McDonalds, which does not publish its enterprise plans, which is essentially capital-concentrative
  • 'Capital-concentrative' is defined in terms of addressing distribution of wealth, or improving the wealth disparity gap. Anything that tends towards more than nominally 100x wealth inequality does not contribute to a stable society.