Business Model Innovation

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Seed Eco-Home

From infill housing in urban lots to wholesale microhouse communities for vets, to wholesale replacement of cookie-cutter housing developments - this requires a combination of an open source equipment trailer, a 1000 Pound Per Day 3D Printer, house 3D printer, CEB machine, CNC Sawmill, and Mobile Cement Kiln running on local gravel.

With material costs kept low, low cost housing can be made via an Extreme Manufacturing workshop model by partnering with local chambers of commerce, governments, and the like for an irresistable offer. Depending on the community, this could be a great option.

CSA Operation

Consisting of leased Farmbots and Aquaponic Greenhouses as-a-service, combined with distributed gardening, and a farm base, this could be Growing Power on steroids. It's all about a clear revenue model, maketing, sales, operation, staff.