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Musk has more than enough money to upset the apple cart of corruption around the globe that calls itself government. Were he successful in his efforts, he could ‘buy’ all countries. Yet in the transaction he runs grave risks, because countries aren’t for sale in the usual sense. Buying and selling like voting are systems of control. Sure, Musk has proven himself good at making money. However, to be naive enough to think one can buy a country with money has everything ass backwards. Money is issued by banks a means of exercising political power over those who use money. It is not a vehicle to political power.

Would Elon Musk make a good political leader? I think so.

Does his success in business translate to political success? Interesting question. He certainly would be a great executive at getting things done. Complex things too. So those are all pluses for Musk as a political leader.

Yet the system is corrupt.

So countries aren’t for sale. There is no trading market for countries. Things don’t work that way.

Countries are like sheep farms and the people are like the sheep. Those behind the politcal power, the owners, are jealous of their power and do not identify with the sheep. While our owners are happy to use whatever their sheep have to offer, they draw a distinction between owners and sheep.

A clever sheep that accumulated a lot of wealth symbols the owners use to control the sheep, would have his way with other sheep, but when they knocked on the door of the farm owners house and wanted to let a room, they would be quickly disabused of that pretention.

Eric Blair said it best in Animal Farm. The pig is fed and cared for, but never invited to Sunday dinner as an equal, only as an entree.

Elon Musk attempting to ‘buy a small country’ would be like a prized pig knocking at the door of a small cottage and demanding to be able to pay rent there from the current owner and set up house there. He would make of it a pig sty the owners might say and tell him to go back to his usual place in the barn.

So what good is money?

Earning a lot of money is not like printing a lot of money. Just keep that in mind.

For those who print money legally countries can be managed.

Countries are not bought and sold. Their political leaders are. They’re bought all the time. Judges too. Prosecutors. Police. Armies even at times. So is the media. That’s for sale too.

So, you spend your money on corrupt politicians to say the things about you that you tell them to say and spend your money on a corrupt media including the acdemic press and some scientists, to say the things about you that you tell them to say, then the people will begin to have an opinion about you that you want them to have. You of course have to figure out what your story is. If you’re naive and blurt out your fantasies for the world, well you become easy pickings for the more experienced. You know nothing of Hegel and others in forming a workable agenda.

To get things done you need to organise people, start a party. Buy prosecutors and police chiefs, you can even flout the law that others have to follow. That can be very convenient. Buy the army, not by anything so crass as a direct pay off, though some will want that. No buy some leaders that way, then get your messages into officer training, then spread the narrative you need spread so they follow you not someone else.

Your story over time is getting across and you can waltz in an become president.

Now given the pecking order of nations, you don’t start with a small country, there are huge problems with that.

You start at the top.

You waltz into the presidency of the United States after a decade of buildup and people repeating your narrative. Maybe you have a reality TV show so people become familiar with your face and your method of decision making. Maybe you write a couple of best selling books on business.

This needn’t cost more than $8 billion or so over 10 years.

Yet, what you can do is very limited.

For Elon, he cannot become President of the USA. He could become Prime Minister of South Africa. They’ve recently arrested their President over his handling of the pandemic there, he might go back and re-establish the Crown pre 1984 without apartheid of course.

Yet that would be a step backward, and he couldn’t be President of the USA because he wasn’t born here.

He has other problems as well, no matter where he goes.

Because those who are corrupt cannot be trusted to stay bought. They’ll take your money sure, they’ll even say what you want them to say. As long as you don’t threaten other revenue sources.

But Elon will be a new factor in their corrupt lives and they will figure out how to make more money from it by double crossing Elon if they can.

That’s the way corruption works.

If Elon’s no doubt brilliant ideas for the country threatens the existing and long standing and therefore trusted, sources of revenue, then he’ll be a marked man. Those already ensconsed in the corrupt halls of power will push him out unless he supports them. The media will turn against him so will most of the people in that case.

If despite all this his message gets out and he gets elected, and he is loved by some, his election will represent a failure of the government as a control mechanism for the high functioning psychopaths who run things now.

Those psychopaths will demand an economic and political reset, and demonise and ultimately kill all Elon supporters in that case.

Assuming Elon isn’t ready for them, and why would he be?

He’s just a business man. He knows nothing of politics and even less of true political history of the planet. A skilled executive that understands high tech and finance and is motivated by things that resonate with many. Yet, if he seeks real power, he will be discredited, impoverished, and die.

If he is unprepared. If he were prepared that’s a different story.

Noam Chomsky used information theory developed by Alan Turing and John VonNeumann to analyse language. Turing and VonNeumann solved the Enigma Machine in World War Two, and later used these techniques to minimise costs and maximise results. They came up with good advice, like flying bombers closer together to increase their effectiveness and reduce losses. Business used variations of these techniques to maximise profits and minimise costs. Wasily Leontieff developed the Input Output method of econometric analysis from it to address issues raised by Ken Arrow.

Chomsky used information theory to extract agenda behind huge swaths of communication.

Chomsky tried to communicate his results to the public. Basically he produced methods to uncover the presence of the Hegelian Dialectic in political narratives. In this way he exposed the Vietnam War and the US Foreign Intelligence Service in the 1950s and 60s as being nothing more than tools of fascist businesses that had their hooks in government and bled it dry following World War Two.

Chomsky was labelled as a leftist, and neutralised politically. His technical literature is hard to find these days, so good luck creating AI to dig out agendas from today’s narratives. Yet his political diatribes are easily found.

Today Chomsky serves as a sort of gate keeper and good luck using his ground breaking techniques to analyse political speech today. The assassination of JFK was the turning point for him for some reason when you look at the trajectory of his career.

Hegelian Dialectic

Hegel was a starting point for Chomsky. Hegel wrote about the nature of corrupt governments long ago. Wilhelm Frederich Hegel lived from 1770 through to 1831. He wrote about a lot of things, and tried to make sense of his understanding of things in the context of his religious and other beliefs. So, the essentials are easily hidden in a sea of that complexity and what seems to us today odd language which no editor has sought to clarify.

However, he wrote the following, about corrupt governments that are important for anyone wanting to ‘buy a country’;

  1. Agenda
  2. Thesis
  3. Anti-thesis
  4. Synthesis (which adopts the Agenda)

The Agenda of any leader is to become leader and stay there.

In modern words this is

  1. Agenda
  2. Problem
  3. Reaction
  4. Solution (which adopts the Agenda)

Most who use these techniques do not seek to be leaders, but to have their hand in the public purse somehow, yet that is low on the totem of things for people who can print money. They have other goals dictated by their psychopathy.

Most people today, almost as a counter intelligence operation, drop the Agenda part of Hegel and spout Problem Reaction Solution without having really read and dived deep into Hegel and understood the importance of Agenda to the whole procedure. It all seems meaningless without understanding advanced information theory and applying Chomsky’s techniques to modern narratives.

Choosing the right agenda and getting it sold are the practical details. It means little to recognise the process if you cannot understand the agenda behind its use every time and susbstitute a workable agenday for yourself.

Here’s the most important quote from Hegel for anyone who wanted to ‘buy a country’ from the huge volume of very good material full stop;

A more modern writer on this topic was Edward Bernays, the inventor of Propaganda. Bernays wrote the first book on Propaganda in 1928.

Bernays was the nephew of Freud and he wondered if Freud’s finding of subconscious motivators could be applied to Hegel. In the process he created the modern Propaganda Industry. Others like Goebbels misused Propaganda to back a flash in the pan leader that tried to change things according to his vision of the future, a few years later. That was such a CF that Bernays had to change the term to Public Relations since he couldn’t use the term Propaganda after World War Two.

Bernays was able to persuade people at a subconscious level using unacknowledged motivators. He sold American women on smoking creating cigarettes to replace cigars and calling them torches of freedom, as a subconscious symbol of women’s liberation and equality with men. Bernays sold America on the idea of eating bacon every morning as something your doctor recommends as being healthy and makes you strong and smart. Bernays sold America on the concept the personal automobiles improved your sex life and was the ultimate source of freedom. None of these narrative were said out loud. They were sold to the public by organising a narrative around them that was psychologically very powerful and ultimately persuasive and successful.

So, these are the tools of modern corrupt states that the media and politicans use to acquire and maintain and enlarge power.

Yet they do not act alone.

They are after all corrupt. Without a helping hand of someone more powerful their system would fall down in a heartbeat, being revealed for the squalor that it is. Most of Hegel’s writing was trying to make sense of the squalid corruption of his day in light of his deeply felt belief in God.

Jesus has yet to return to Earth and the squalour continues unabated.

Hegel set the stage for Marx and NIetzche. Both of these to me seem like counter intelligence operations against Hegel’s original findings which are buried in history. World War Two was part of that. The counter intelligence operation against Chomsky is still ongoing, and Bernays recently finished, with the demonisation of Freud and Jung as being irrelevant in the modern world.

A century ago everyone in school used to read, in Latin, Ceasar’s Gallic Wars. This was a DIY book on how a small well organised fighting force (Roman soldiers) can take down a large government (the French Empire) in a few years. This served as a book everyone in America used to organise their businesses, and their politics, and their lives. It was a central pillar to American freedom and can do spirit. People don’t even know of this book today.

This process of supression by high functioning psychopaths is a factor in history outlined by people like Carroll Quigley, history professor at Georgetown University, taught Bill Clinton, who was groomed at an early age for leadership.

I would say that someone who attempted to ‘buy a country’ as you say, without paying homage to current owners, would only buy their death, as they crossed those who have already paid for those countries and after realising a sheep had pretensions to be something more, and couldn’t be persuaded to serve them, would be the end of Elon.

If Elon is serious about making humanity multiplanetary, and solving all the problems trotted out for us using technology, he must then be serious about estabishing a free and open society of sovereign citizens throughout the cosmos. This then sets himself up as the implacable enemy of those on this world today who manage the interlocking system of corruption we call nation states.

The creation of nation states and centralised banking at the treaty of Westphalia in 1618 was a work around because the people following the 30 years war weren’t going to accept any continuation of the Feudal System that couldn’t stop war. This was pushback following the invention of modern type by Gutenberg.

This change resulted in some powerful nations and empires. These were systematically taken down by the 1850s. The Taiping Rebellion, the Opium Wars, the Civil War, the Napoleonic Wars, all were coordinated by the psychopaths. The application of science to medicine, agriculture, the productive arts, transformed society. Luddites and their derivatives attempted to end the adoption of these technologies by the people as new laws and restrictions were erected to turn every innovation into a mechanism of control for our owners.

If I were Elon Musk I would

  • erect a secure system of communication in his enterprises — an encrypted meshnet operating through StarLink.
  • erect a system of physical security and intelligence gathering around yourself your employees and their families. This will likely involve a network nanobots on the intelligence gathering side and microbots like those portrayed in propagandistic slaughter bot videos.

    One can make an attack ineffective without killing anyone. The most important detail here is the deniability of blunting effective action against you.

    For example, say a corrupt prosecutor issues an illicit warrant for your arrest and sends a corrupt cop who has instructions to kill you once you are jailed, and arrange to report to a corrupt press that you hung yourself in prison.

  • The only way to address that situation is to keep the warrant from being served.

    Now for anyone who has seen the slaughterbot video showing tiny quad rotors blasting people’s heads off, they would imagine the corrupt prosecutor and dirty cops would be dead in a pool of blood in their office.

    While this stops the warrants being served, it creates a Streisand effect that amplifies your problems.

    No far better to have the tiny robots cause a short in the distributor of the corrupt cop’s car, and they are stuck somewhere far away.

    Or cause a crash in the corrupt prosecutors computer and the mysterious erasure of the illicit warrant (which didn’t follow procedure anyway).

    Or package your intelligence and send it to appropriate media or good cops and let them deal with it.

    You only take direct action as a last resort. Then only the minimum force needed to protect yourself.

    You actually do an analysis of the way things fail in the prosecutors office over time, and arrange for the failures you cause to mimic failures they’re used to. That way they don’t even associate you with the failures.

    In time, the powers that be behind the prosecutor will take more direct action against you. You will detect that of course with your intelligence network.

    You will thwart the killers before they see you.

    Sending them packing after infecting their skin and clothing with nanobots. Who make a determination of how they are interacting with others, and hopping on to others where appropriate, and reporting back the kill chain whilst monitoring all the elements of it.

    Again the deal is the same. You look at the system each party is involved in, how those systems routinely fail, and then take action that completely decimates the system without hurting a soul through completely explainable fails.

    The psychopath totally isolated from all levers of power through seemingly routine fails of unprecedented improbability, may approach Musk directly.

    Musk should know this when it happens. That person is unknown to all except those they reach out and make contact with. So, it would be quite easy then for those people to be killed. But not in a way that leaves a corpse or any usual evidence. Being unknown, with no evidence, and no complaints, no one cares.

Using acid baths to dispose of bodies is a well established procedure among criminals. A more convenient and no less gruesome technique is to replace the cleaning solution in a MAB Electrolux cleaner with appropriate acid, and have them work on the subject one drop at a time, until they are totally dissolved and dispensed with. One presumably humanely killed the target before subjecting them to this dissolving treatment .

  • create a cryptocurrency to monetise a sizeable revenue stream. Starlink with 20,000 satellites supports 200 million broadband channels world wide. At $30 per month this generates $72 bilion in free cash flow. Discounted at 3.25% for 40 years this revenue stream can be sold for $1.55 trillion. Treated as a reserve against a cryptocurrency loan scheme, this could support $15.5 trillion in loans with a 10% reserve requirement. A 2% reserve requirement permits the creation of $77.5 trillion in loans. Since the Federal Reserve recently ended ALL reserve requirements a 2% reserve requirement would seem like sound money by comparison.

  • $77.5 trillion loaned out at 3.25% earns $2.52 trillion per year. This revenue when sold at 3.25% for 40 years for $56 trillion. At some point StarLink Dollars displace fiat currency worldwide, and all deposits are held in Musk’s emergent banking system — that requires no trusted third parties to operate. People borrow at 3.25% and earn 3.25% and Musk controls the LTD ratio to keep the system going as needed. He has just taken down the IMF and BIS and when State Banks and National Banks and Credit Unions borrow from him, he has control of the global financial system.
  • create a trading platorm for the cryptocurrency and add features to settle conflict and record property ownership enforce contracts, etc. using AI that are easily available to all, using vector money.
  • offer extension of corporate security and intelligence service to all.

At this point legacy governments are obsolte and Musk along with everyone else is free of predations of the parasite class.