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What is SysML?

The OMG systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML™) is a general-purpose graphical modeling language for specifying, analyzing, designing, and verifying complex systems that may include hardware, software, information, personnel, procedures, and facilities. In particular, the language provides graphical representations with a semantic foundation for modeling system requirements, behavior, structure, and parametrics, which is used to integrate with other engineering analysis models.

Source: OMG Website, emphasis added

SysML and OpenEcology

SysML can provide engineering rigor to the overarching, "big picture" OpenEcology project, especially at the "seams" between the above-highlighted areas.

An academic example of SysML applied to GVCS can be found on GVCS Lifecycle Analysis.

Open Source SysML Tools

  1. Papyrus
    1. Download
    2. Documentation
    1. Download
    2. Documentation