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Summary: the CAD Director is responsible for assuring that CAD assets are generated for the GVCS. This incudes creating 3D models of each GVCS machine, exploded part diagrams, 2D fabrication drawings in coordination with the Production Director, as well as other CAM/CAE assets. The job involves a high-degree of CAD proficiency as well as the ability to manage a team of remote collaborators in group CAD sessions - or CAD Sprints. The job involves the development of a clear set of specifications for the open source CAD/CAM software package as well as research into identifying development pathways and recruiting candidates for the full development of the CAD/CAM platform over the next 2 years.


  • Capacity for critical, creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic thinking


  • Responsible for staying on top of CAD documentation fulfillment with all FeF developers (2D, 3D)
  • Directs redesign for optimizing adherence to OSE Specifications
  • Responsible for defining Open CAD Specification by December, 2012 - defining the requirements and architecture for a fully-featured, open source, professional level collaborative CAD design software package - and, responsible for assembling a potential development team + writing a funding proposal to develop a beta release by year-end 2013
    • Involves gathering a consortium of stakeholders
  • Responsible for simplifying design, redesigning-for-fabrication, redesigning-for-tolerancing, redesign-for-modularity - on all GVCS designs
  • Produce Design Rationale screen captures of walkthroughs for CAD models and other CAD assets
  • Crowd-sources CAE analyses, engineering analyses, animations, and other assets
  • Responsible for producing CAM files and for streamlining CAM file generation by collaborating with CAM generation team members
  • Integrates BOMs with Exploded Part Diagrams to make part sourcing transparent
  • Identifies fabrication/production pathways from available documentation to streamline fabrication methods
  • Assesses designs for design improvements
  • Exports 3D CAD models into web-viewable, manipulable images
  • Creates exploded parts diagrams of 3D CAD models
  • Responsible for producing functional animations
  • Develops strategy for and organizes CAD Sprints (CAD Flash Mobs) and Animation Sprints for producing such assets on-demand
  • Animates exploded parts diagrams to demonstrate how components are put together
  • Generates 2D Fabrication Drawings from 3D models
  • Checks with Production Director to identify fabrication processes and Fabrication Drawing requirements
  • Creates curriculum for a OSE-Spec Design Course (simplicity, modularity, robustness)
  • Cross-training in production or other hands-on skills to participate in collaborative production - and to extend their appreciation and understanding of a wide range of activities necessary to build a civilization